Cowboys Roundup

On a recent Friday night the “Spark Plug Cowboys” crew along with a roomful of folks came out of the rain to screen/chat on a couple of Kramer Herzog’s brief documentaries. What a kick it was watching audience reactions to the films. From the immersion in the artistic […]


About Spark Plug Cowboys

In the footsteps of the big screen, feature-length film “Spark Plug Cowboys” by multi-award winning documentary filmmakers S. Kramer Herzog and Leonard Marcel, brings us to a deeper dive into American youth’s car club culture of the nineteen fifties . A collection of true stories weaved into one, featuring archived and […]


Spark Plug Speed Racer

Marty Marcucci may now be mellowly cruisin’ along in his retirement as battalion chief of the Ross Valley Fire Department; but man, how he used to be one fast force as a Sleeper of Marin! I heard all about Marty’s motor history at the 2016 Bon Air Invitational Car […]


It started with a Squirrel Hair Brush…

The “Sparkplug Cowboys” crew blazed into scorching weather on a recent October Saturday in Santa Rosa, California. Even hotter than the heat was the flame outline striped onto Don Richie’s ’51 Mercury by talented pin striper, Trisha Turner. It was hard to tell if Turner’s red face was from […]


Behind the Scenes

King Cowboy watching over his queen Cowgirl to make sure she’s directing the actors correctly… ??   But then who oversees when he doubles as the Makeup guy? Or when there’s some serious squeezeboxing goin’ on?


Pluggin’ by Pretty Pinstriper

Pretty Pin-Up contestant and pin-striping artist TRISHA TURNER cruised the 19th annual Billetproof Nor Cal car show in Antioch, California last Saturday where 750 of some of the “sickest” 1964 and prior hot rods assembled.  Miss Trisha let car enthusiasts know that “Spark Plug Cowboys” is coming soon, inviting them […]