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On the set Saturday:

We interviewed the cowboy epitome of a man who had his firm hands together placed atop his spotted jeans. He told the crew how he messed around aplenty with his personal crew in his Corvette back in 1957.

The car club he was part of was disparately named the “Idlers of Marin,”  He is Eddie De Maestri, and his buds would cruise in his Corvette to Andy’s and King Cotton drive-ins to hang around and simply be teenagers. They’d chill in the thrill of cool places like Foster’s Freeze. Nowadays, it seems like most of us just drive through a Starbucks drive thru and escape immediately once we get our sustenance to return to whatever thing that makes us busy, rather than drive in and immerse in the experience of being present in a golden time establishment.

Thank you to this Sparkplug cowboy for sharing his story.. so many more tales to come!

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  1. I was also at the Bon Air show (with my 1965 Pontiac LeMans Convertible that I ordered from the Fremont GM Factory in “65” witch I traded my “55” Chevy Bel Air convertible in for) and in 1963 at Drake High, myself and a couple of friends started our car club called the “Advancers of Marin” with a distributer for our symbol on our plaques. We were “Dedicated to Safety” and had O’Hagens Union Gas Station in San Rafael as our Club Sponsor, located and still there on 3rd Street. We also would tool 4th and split Fosters Freeze between The San Rafael clubs and ours. I had a very fast “55” Chevy which I had placed a balanced, bored and blue printed 265 bored to 283 with three stromburg carbs, three speed and I left the 3:08 gear rear end intact. ) 0 mph to 45 in 1st, 45 to 90 in second and I used to race vets, porsches etc for money and usually blow their doors off. We had in 1964 (the year I graduated) over 25 guys and cars in our club. Of course I knew most of the “Older Guys” who influenced that time. But I feel that this later time should also be addressed. By the way, I performed or was in charge of most of the Electrical work for ILM, Skywalker and Georges house and personally performed work at his 1st house in San Anselmo when he was writing the scrip for American Graffiti and yes the dog’s name was Indy (other dog’s name was Chewbacca ). We have lots of stories from that time , and I am 100% behind this effort to show to the following generations what they missed! My thanks to Bob Capurro for havi ng such a great show.

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