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It started with a Squirrel Hair Brush…

hot-carThe “Sparkplug Cowboys” crew blazed into scorching weather on a recent October Saturday in Santa Rosa, California. Even hotter than the heat was the flame outline striped onto Don Richie’s ’51 Mercury by talented pin striper, Trisha Turner. It was hard to tell if Turner’s red face was from the weather or the added heat of our cameras — you could see how fired up she was to clue us in on her work. The hot design she outlined with a blue squirrel hair brush was inspired by the heat of the Pharaohs’ chopped Merc in American Graffiti. The owner brought it all out in the custom flames.

Turner has a gas at her art: a self-taught pinstriper for over a decade now, all from observing her dad and from groovin’ out at car shows. Just like the car, she’s the essence of boss—admitting to working through trials and frustrations and flinging the squirrel hair brush across the wheel. But, the reactions people have when the final product emerges, along with the process as an outlet are what really rev her engine.

“I prefer a heavier line on a bold car like this,” Trish said. It was so bold that the intensity of the burgundy flames on that mean machine caught up to us … to a point where the crew beat our feet and bugged out as fast as teens doin’ firedrills at a stoplight!

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