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Spark Plug Speed Racer

Marty Marcucci may now be mellowly cruisin’ along in his retirement as battalion chief of the Ross Valley Fire Department; but man, how he used to be one fast force as a Sleeper of Marin!

drag-raceI heard all about Marty’s motor history at the 2016 Bon Air Invitational Car Show during a recent October Saturday. There, the Spark Plug Cowboys crew and fellow vintage car enthusiasts immersed in the view of Marty’s brother’s restored 1922 Stutz Model C Triple Combination Fire Engine, among muscle cars and golden oldie live performances. I had the fine opportunity to sit down with Marty-the-fireman-Marcucci in the middle of it all to eagerly listen to his burnt rubber drag racing tales along the highway to San Quentin. Marty’s pals would tune their motors up and race for pink slips and often times, the speediest racer  would win the opponent’s car. Because his car was a particularly prized possession, Marty would only dare bet $5 per race. Regardless of his win-lose status, you could count on him to race like a champ!

Marty said that as long as his car didn’t get its spark plugs fouled, it would be a drag race win for him. Spoken like a true cowboy—the essence of our film!

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