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About Spark Plug Cowboys

In the footsteps of the big screen, feature-length film “Spark Plug Cowboys” by multi-award winning documentary filmmakers S. Kramer Herzog and Leonard Marcel, brings us to a deeper dive into American youth’s car club culture of the nineteen fifties . A collection of true stories weaved into one, featuring archived and present-day interviews with those who hands-on created the scene, as well as events and lookbacks with rare photo treasures and recently recovered 8-mm film footage as far back as the 1950s. To the familiar tales of souped-up motors, cruising, street racing, ducktail hairstyles, Lucky Strikes, pegged pants and pony kegs, there is a lesser-known, added dimension to the community-serving missions of these youth car clubs of yesteryear.

Featuring Sleepers of Marin — one of the most well known of the era’s clubs to the north of the Golden Gate Bridge — among the 8 other car clubs in Marin County, California, including the Eliminators, Strip Pacers, Marin Coupe Roadster Club, Twisters, Road Runners, Lancers, Gentlemen and the Quick Changers of Fairfax.

Spark Plug Cowboys — tales inspired by post-war 1950s American youth car clubs — unveiled by those who lived it.


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