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Cowboys Roundup

movie-screening-indoors-1On a recent Friday night the “Spark Plug Cowboys” crew along with a roomful of folks came out of the rain to screen/chat on a couple of Kramer Herzog’s brief documentaries. What a kick it was watching audience reactions to the films. From the immersion in the artistic process of sculpting landmark abstracts to the intensity of uprisings tied to the death penalty with Stanley “Tookie” Williams at San Quentin Prison, what enormous contrast. In between screenings Kramer answered production questions and we enjoyed an entertaining dialogue with/by the sculptor, Dennis Patton, both of whom kept the crowd in chuckles. “The two languages that I learned were English and profanity,” Dennis declared. What a riot!

This led up to an unexpected interlude where some crew members burst out into a few verses of “Yesterday Once More”… a perfect entrée into the long-awaited release of the Trailer for “Spark Plug Cowboys” feature-length documentary. Lots of smiles in those nostalgic moments. We’re in production and look to raise $30K in order to finish the film.

One great roundup with a cool test audience eager to support the film! Please check out the Trailer , and click here to learn about the funding opportunities and some way cool perks. It takes a village — every dollar helps and is greatly appreciated !

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