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May Madness and American Graffiti

An icon of San Rafael and  friend, Greg Borrelli, passed away in 1998, but his legacy lives on…

The May Madness car show’s origins are result of Greg’s desire to cruise 4th Street in downtown San Rafael with his buddies circa 60-70’s. As young men in our twenties and while working together, Greg brought up the idea of organizing a car show. I was lucky enough to help Greg make the first event come to fruition in 1986.

Spark Plug Cowboys – The Movie carries on the tradition of documenting and passing the torch to the next generation of Car and Hot Rod enthusiasts. Spark Plug Cowboys and American Graffiti are two must watch movies on the history of car clubs in America and around the world.

American Graffiti Movie Clip –

Spark Plug Cowboys – full 16 min. clip –

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